Many times, aspirations in life stem from the people we look up to and the things we experience during childhood.  As far back as I can remember, I have had a fascination with rocks and fossils.  Growing up in Montana, I can remember being outdoors a lot and going on picnics, camping and fishing trips with my family.  And my Father would always seem to be collecting interesting rocks and the occasional fossil along the way, even after we moved to Tennessee.   

Several years ago, on a trip to the mountains in NC, I tried my hand at gem mining for rubies and sapphires.  That week developed a sincere love for collecting rocks. And the tradition and fascination that my father instilled in me so long ago was rekindled.  Rocks, fossils, minerals and gems of all sizes, qualities and colors simply make me smile. 

Today, out of my love has been born the desire to share my joy of beautiful gemstones with others.  I strive to provide gems and jewelry at an affordable price. So whether the gems are earth-mined or lab created (a less expensive way to delight in something just as elegant), I hope that my love of gems spreads to you.

Welcome to CTs Gems!

Trish H